with equipment ready for adventures! 

baggage compartment for 2 boxes or backpacks,
payload up to 100 kg on hardpoints at centre of gravity

super STOL-capability for off-runway operations

e.g. from soft grounds like sand, grass, snow, or water,
from beaches, football fields, gravel roads… (if legally allowed)

tank options from 80 to 160 litres

up to 5 hours endurance or 900 km range,
class leading – fly beyond competitors!

smooth-running 6-cylinder engine

with safety enhancing power reserves,
direct drive, 180 HP, MOGAS 95/98, ULPower UL520i
affordable maintenance, e.g. with standard oil/spark plugs

owner-focused maintenance

quick access to all systems by user-friendly service flaps,
saving money and time with standard tools, fluids, and spare parts

safer take-off with the push-of-a-button-prerotation system

electrical prerotation eliminating emissions and mechanical failures,
with easier instruction, safer operations, and simpler maintenance

eco-friendly and cost-efficient engine

reducing emissions and maintenance
with direct drive and air cooling system

spacious overhead panel and dashboard

ergonomically designed for your
personal choice of equipment

pedal system for pilot and/or copilot

mechanically or electrically adjustable, 2 different sizes,
easy service and later upgrade by owner possible

class-leading performance,
cost-efficient in flight and maintenance,
can be upgraded to comfort model

simple to access and maintain systems,
quick-release flaps, standard tools
and affordable spare parts make
servicing fast and easy

pre-rotate efficiently at the push of a button,
idle without being pushed and easily
take-off from grass, sand, snow or water

highly customizable interior
includes spacious overhead panel
and ergonomic dashboard

single control for
safe sight seeing flights with passenger
and instantly mountable and adjustable
dual control for pilot and co-pilot

reducing emissions and maintenance,
with hybrid drive and air-cooling system,
you can do most maintenance by yourself

mast, tail and landing gear are
demountable for shipping in a container
or storage in a car-sized garage

engine runs on MOGAS 95 or 98,
tank options from 80 – 160 litres,
with up to 5 hours of endurance,
equivalent to 900 km range

180 HP UL520i with high-power reserve,
smooth-running direct drive,
uses standard oil and spark plugs,
service yourself and save costs

with baggage compartment for
2 boxes or backpacks or
payload up to 100 kg
at the centre of gravity

take-off, land or taxi on rough terrain
at up to 60 km/h thanks to the tough landing
gear with big low-pressure tundra tires
and maintenance-free suspension system

freedom to take-off and land nearly anywhere,
freedom to travel with companion and gear,
freedom to see and film without obstructions,
freedom to upgrade to sliding-doors

designed for off-runway operations

benefit from ultra-short take-off capability

also from soft grounds, enhanced by the

heavy-duty landing gear with tundra tires.

made for fun and transportation

enjoy your freedom and discover unreached places. travel with your companion and all your luggage.

eco-friendly with hybrid drive

reduce emissions and cost. eliminate

mechanical problems thanks to the

simple to use electrical prerotation

general specs

certificationultralight aircraft, 2 PAX
engineinjection UL520i, 180HP
L x W x H [mm]4750 x 2000 x 3100
rotor diameter [mm]8700
take-off distance [m]25 - 100
payload [kg]100
cruise speed [kts]70 - 90
cruise speed [km/h]140 - 160
min/max speed [kts]20 / 100
min/max speed [km/h]35/180
fuel capacity [litres]80 - 210
endurance [hours]5 - 7
UL520i engine
made for off-runway operation
made for harsh climates
MTOW600 kg600 kg6XX kg6XX kg
dual controlsoptionoptionoptionoption
sliding doorsoption
aluminium tank
tank, fuel in litres80 - 16080 - 160120 - 210120 - 210
mil spec avionics, + 28 V systemoptionoptionoption
customized payload integrationoptionoption
operationsVFRVFR+ night VFR+ night VFR

legal note: specifications
subject to change without notice