customer support
FYI: owners get access to with customer-specific information, flight manuals, service manuals, service bulletins etc.. therefore, accessing requires a login and a valid pre-sale contract.

operation and maintenance contracts
all aircraft must be checked periodically. GYRON.AERO and its partners can provide such services in most parts of the world. an annual check could or must include propeller and rotor balancing, check of the engine maintenance, check of controls/fuel/electrical systems etc.. this usually can be done onsite within one or a few days and at a very modest cost. online-support is also available. please, check cost comparison in section “technology”.

spare parts and accessories at
spare parts of GYRON can be ordered online via for ordering aircraft spare parts, a login/aircraft serial number is needed, meanwhile merchandising products are available publicly starting early 2023.

spare parts and accessories for the ULPower engine
for private customers ordering directly via is the quickest way.
for B2B and GOV this is also possible, but due to a likely operation and maintenance contract, it is better to consult first the contracting party within the country or directly GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland.