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model options

GYRON is produced in 4 different models:

adventure: addresses private pilot with focus on high thrill and low investments.
comfort: addresses demanding individual seeking maximum comfort and versatility.
professional: addresses mostly B2B or civilian operators who need a versatile carrier.
defence: addresses mostly GOV with specialized technical and tactical requirements.

adventure can be upgraded to comfort. professional can be upgraded to defence.



cost-effective and in-field maintenance is possible thanks to a unique architecture of GYRON without
pneumatic systems and electronic gimmicks or alike. the air-cooled engine cannot run out of cooling-
water, the mechanical trim system cannot have a software error, the direct drive of the propeller cannot
have a gearbox issue or a limiting TBO etc. GYRON is made of the best materials and designed with the
most reliable and easy to maintain systems.

the ULPower engine can be serviced by a qualified car mechanic (or yourself). no aeronautical
qualifications or FAA/EASA-certifications are necessary. this saves a lot of money and gives freedom to
service GYRON’s engine e.g. nearly at any car repair workshop. please, check section technology for
further details.



GYRON is being certified by the corresponding German authority, the Federal Ministry for Digital and
Transport (FMDT), responsible inter alia for aviation. the empowered body for ultralight aircrafts is called
DULV. that’s why the certificate is popularly known as DULV-certificate. this is not accurate as the Federal
Ministry for Digital and Transport is the issuing authority.

in many countries CAA issues certification directly. in Germany however, the certification is issued “by the
boss of CAA”, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (FMDT). That’s why the certification is highly
recognized by many countries worldwide.

the ecologically ultralight GYRON will likely be subject to national laws only, as it is not mandatorily
regulated by FAA, EASA etc.. thanks to this freedom in most countries, the corresponding authorities
(usually CAA) check and if ok approve the certification issued by the German Federal Ministry for Digital
and Transport.

GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland offers support in collaboration with local partners to ensure national
certification and additional requirements if needed. to verify, please contact any local flight schools or
operator of any (ultralight) aircraft in your country.


time to delivery 6 to 12 months

GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland ensures a short time for delivery. GYRON.AERO AG manufactures
according to the customers desire and requirements. production time is usually less than 6 months, but of
course it also depends on special requirements or custom-made solutions (and the waiting list).

turnkey operations for mission-specific payloads

for GYRON professional and GYRON defence turnkey operations are offered together with the assigned
partners. this usually includes instruction courses for the specific payload and a maintenance and repair
agreement to ensure quality and availability according to the demanded requirements.

price range

GYRON.AERO offers different models, avionics, mission-specific fuel tank systems, and a large list of
options to choose from. many options can be acquired as an upgrade at a later stage. price tag for
GYRON adventure (600 kg MTOW, 180 HP engine, long endurance tank with payload option) starts at €
126’877. for inquiry for B2B/GOV applications with GYRON professional and GYRON defence, please
contact GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland.

sightseeing flights

please mark in the contact form option sightseeing flights. Once we open the waiting list for this service, you will be contacted.

further information shall be provided asap.