powerful. eco-friendly.
unmatched mission-flexibility.
simple in operation and service.

air services. everywhere.

unique sliding doors

for safety and comfort,
for better situational awareness, and
all requirements and weather conditions

tough landing gear

taxing up to 60 km/h and taking-off and landing
on rough terrain/unprepared sites possible,
all components easily replaceable by yourself

modular payload up to 100 kg

on hardpoints at centre of gravity e.g.
2 big boxes or sensors for surveillance/ISR

tank options from 80 to 210 litres

depending on mission requirements
up to 7 hours endurance / 1’200 km range

smooth-running 6-cylinder engine

with safety enhancing power reserves,
direct drive, 180 HP, ULPower UL520i for
MOGAS 95/98, 24 – 48 V / 80 – 160A AUX system,
affordable maintenance, e.g. with standard oil/spark plugs

airfoil-shaped aluminium mast for reduced drag

fully integrated design with service and anti-collision lights,
demountable mast, tail, and landing gear

state-of-the-art electrical prerotation at a push of a button

safer taking-off on all grounds (grass, sand, snow, or water) no „pushing“ when prerotating – propeller-engine on idle,
cutting emissions and simplifying handling

durable quality with premium materials

for rougher use by rotational staff or students
and for all climatic conditions

excellent accessibility to all systems

simple maintenance with standard tools
and affordable spare parts

spacious overhead panel and dashboard

ergonomic design for personal choice of equipment
and additional instruments for professional tasks

made from premium materials,
purpose-built and modular
design for demanding pilots,
environments and missions

simple to access and maintain systems,
quick-release flaps, standard tools
and affordable spare parts make
servicing fast and easy

pre-rotate clutch-free at the push of a button,
idle without being pushed and easily
take-off from grass, sand, snow or water

includes spacious overhead panel
and ergonomic dashboard that
supports many equipment types

electrical and mechanical options that
are instantly mountable and adjustable,
with optional dual control
by pilot and co-pilot

30‘000 lumen wide-beam landing lights
allow you to see and be seen at all times,
even during dynamic maneuvers

airfoil-shaped mast
protects and integrates
all cables, with optional
anti-collision lights

engine runs on MOGAS 95 or 98,
tank options from 80 – 210 litres,
with up to 7 hours endurance,
equivalent to 1‘200 km range

smooth-running direct-drive UL520i,
uses standard oil and spark plugs,
high-power reserve, 180 HP,
28V/80 – 160A AUX system

mount your equipment on hardpoints
up to 100 kg at the center of gravity e.g.
2 big boxes or sensors for intelligence,
surveillance, and reconnaissance

roll or taxi at up to 60 km/h,
take-off or land on rough terrain,
maintain or remove parts also in
field-conditions within minutes

fly with doors open or closed
to achieve your flight goals in all weathers
and maintain situational awareness

GYRON.AERO has invented a gyrocopter that is

purpose-built for demanding missions.

air service. everywhere.

advanced technology

all subsystems are engineered with a unique
focus on simplicity, durability and safety.

eco-friendly engine technology with
injection capability empowers GYRON for
air services. everywhere.


aviation must become greener.
GYRON‘s modular design and hybrid drive
technology reduce cost and emissions.
the adaptive 28V system allows for future
upgrades for advanced payloads.


air services. everywhere.

we combine performance, eco-friendliness, mission-flexibility and in-field maintenance.