GYRON.AERO AG has invented the heavy-duty gyrocopter. the Swiss company has its roots in demanding flying expeditions in Africa, Latin America, and other continents and in the defence sector (ISR). since the beginning of the forerunner company, several heavy-duty gyrocopters have been manufactured and flown successfully.

GYRON.AERO AG empowers for air services. everywhere. in particular, where flying and servicing an aircraft was impossible before. thanks to the heavy-duty gyrocopter GYRON, people around the globe can now benefit from e.g. first responders flown in, better safety thanks to surveillance or prevention of wildfires or poaching, monitoring of infrastructure or sensitive areas, geo-sensing or new logistical opportunities.

thanks to the support of the team, (former) advisers, officials, and agencies, GYRON combines eco-friendliness, affordability, and multi-role capability. GYRON needs only very basic maintenance and not even an ordinary airfield to operate from.

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if you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together.

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Daniel Y. Spring

CEO, Founder

Alfons Hubmann

chairman, finance

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Erwin Tratz

CTO, technics

sales info

model options

GYRON is produce in 4 different models :

adventure       for private pilot with focus on high thrill and low investments.
comfort            for demanding individual seeking maximum comfort and versatility.
professional   for mostly B2B or civilian operators who need a versatile carrier.
defence           for mostly GOV with specialized technical and tactical requirements.

adventure can be upgraded to comfort.
professional can be upgraded to defence.



cost-effective and in-field maintenance is possible thanks to the unique architecture of GYRON without pneumatic systems and electronic gimmicks or alike. the air-cooled engine cannot run out of cooling- water, the mechanical trim system cannot have a software error, the direct drive of the propeller cannot have a gearbox issue or a limiting TBO etc. GYRON is made of the best materials and designed with the most reliable and easy to maintain systems.

the ULPower engine can be serviced by a qualified car mechanic (or yourself). no aeronautical qualifications or FAA/EASA-certifications are necessary. this saves a lot of money and gives freedom to service GYRON’s engine e.g. nearly at any car repair workshop. please, check section technology for further details.



GYRON is being certified by the corresponding German authority, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (FMDT), responsible for aviation. the empowered body for ultralight aircrafts is called DULV. that’s why the certificate is popularly known as DULV-certificate.

in many countries CAA issues certification directly. in Germany however, the certification is issued via DULV “by the boss of CAA”, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (FMDT). that’s why the certification is highly recognized by many countries worldwide.

the ecologically ultralight GYRON will likely be subject to national laws only, as it is not mandatorily regulated by FAA, EASA etc.. thanks to this freedom in most countries, the corresponding authorities (usually CAA) check and if ok approve the certification issued by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland offers support in collaboration with local partners to ensure national certification and additional requirements if needed. to verify, please contact any local flight schools or operator of any (ultralight) aircraft in your country.


sightseeing flights

please mark in the contact form “sightseeing flights” option. once we open the waiting list for this service, you will be contacted.

further information shall be provided asap.


flight training

flying GYRON is simple. due to the much-simplified taking-off and landing characteristics of GYRON, side- by-side configuration for efficient instruction and outstanding visibility, learning to fly GYRON may be even quicker than for other gyrocopters of the leisure market segment.

according to the applicable national laws, some 25 to 30 hours of training are usually required for training a pedestrian to become a licenced gyrocopter pilot. theoretical and flying training usually costs around € 6’000.–. conversions from a PPL etc. could short cut. hence, time- and money-savings with GYRON are roughly 90 % comparing with a training to become a private helicopter pilot! 

GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland can recommend flight academies or can arrange trainings for B2B or GOV pilots in other countries.

customer support
FYI: owners get access to with customer-specific information, flight manuals, service manuals, service bulletins etc.. therefore, accessing requires a login and a valid pre-sale contract.


spare parts and accessories for the ULPower engine
for private customers ordering directly via is the quickest way.
for B2B and GOV this is also possible, but due to a likely operation and maintenance contract, it is better to consult first the contracting party within the country or directly GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland.

got questions ?

we got answers !

yes. due to the gyrocopter’s simplicity, inability to stall, lack of tail rotor etc. (all of them frequent sources of helicopter accidents), modern gyrocopters have a better safety record than e.g. smaller helicopters. However, even a mechanically simple and stable gyrocopters shall be operated according to the requirements and with great care.

no, in fact, flying a gyrocopter is simpler than flying a small aircraft, though somehow different. therefore
proper training is required. taking-off and landing is a piece of cake as it is done at very low speeds. due to
the inertia of the rotor, gyrocopters are much less vulnerable to wind gusts. and gyrocopters are unable to
stall! these are huge safety benefit.

GYRON, the unique heavy-duty gyrocopter, meets the higher requirements of professional pilots. designed from scratch for demanding missions for B2B and GOV applications, its architecture, multi-mission capability and durability is completely different than how gyrocopters of the leisure segment are built: GYRON is a versatile carrier designed for easy integration of professional payloads, can provides 28 V power, is optimised to land and take-off nearly anywhere, is simple to operate and allows in-field maintenance.

yes. take-off distance largely depends on e.g. meteorological conditions, mass, runway characteristics and
prerotation of the rotor. nobody can change the weather and usually neither the runway… so, GYRON is
engineered with a unique prerotation system and landing gear, that allows in particular short take-offs when
most needed, e.g. on “bad runways”, that means on soft or uneven ground, e.g. in a desert or on a beach.

no. no proper runway is required as for example a Cessna 172 would need. technically, it is sufficient to
have clearance of a “baseball or soccer field” for taking-off and landing. legally, in some countries,
gyrocopters are only allowed to land on official runways.

GYRON can fly VFR or depending on the legal regulation and instrumentation also night VFR. light rain or
moderate wind gusts etc. would generally not be a problem, but of course, dangerous flying conditions
must be avoided.

the luggage compartment allows ca. 200 litres of space and a maximum payload of up to 100 kg. GYRON
is designed to transport 2 Peli Air 1606 trolley or backpacks of a similar size. this is of great benefit for
transporting goods, medicine or just two big bags for a longer trip together with your companion.

the heavy-duty gyrocopter GYRON is suitable for most climatic conditions, including deserts, salty environments, wet or mountainous regions etc..

high quality materials and components are used to ensure flight safety and durability. the TBO of some parts may be adjusted according to the environmental conditions.

not yet. a builder assist program is in development. we will inform asap about GYRON experimental. state-of-the-art machining etc. are done at the factory.

you will need to drill some holes, shape some parts and otherwise fabricate enough parts to meet the 51% builder rule for amateur-built aircraft.

GYRON is ready to order in most markets starting mid 2022. please allow a production time of 6 to 12 months. for the US-market GYRON is available via a dealer. please contact GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland if interested.

GYRON is being certified by the corresponding German authority, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (FMDT), responsible inter alia for aviation. the empowered body for ultralight aircrafts is called DULV. that’s why the certificate is popularly known as DULV-certificate. this is not accurate as the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport of Germany is the issuing authority.

in many countries CAA issues certification directly. in Germany however, the certification is issued “by the boss of CAA”, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (FMDT). that’s why the certification is highly recognized by many countries worldwide. further details see GYRON/sales information.

yes, you can. please contact us. test flying for B2B and GOV is scheduled for autumn 2022, short after that
also for private pilots or future pilots. test flying is done in Germany.

GYRON wants to offer power, reliability, eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency. aircrafts and gyrocopters of
the leisure market use engines that require 98 octanes and a lot of maintenance, e.g. a frequent change of
gearbox every 600 hours. this is unsuitable for GYRON.
that’s why GYRON uses the ULPower 520i engine. this state-of-the-art, six-cylinder, 180 HP multi-fuel engine
can be serviced by the owner himself or a car mechanic in most circumstances. this saves a lot of time and
money and empowers GYRON for air services. everywhere. also, in remote areas.

GYRON.AERO offers a wide range of cockpit panels to suit your needs. there are different sizes and layouts
to accommodate anything from simple analogue gauges to big tablet or iPads in combination with EMS
and EFIS. ARINC rack options and stack format for radio, transponder or audio module are also available.

GYRON is designed from scratch for modular payloads. near the CG of the GYRON some 200 litres of space
are available and up to 100 kg of mass can be fixed easily. that said, payloads for 3D-data geo-sensing
equipment, surveillance cameras (e.g. non-ITAR-rated opto-electronics), cooling boxes for medicine or
simply two Peli Air case trolley 1606 for travelling can be integrated with ease.

a “drone-version” could be developed. though, limited operational/mission-flexibility and airspace restrictions for drones, but most of all the technological complexity (e.g. sense and avoid systems and dependency on satellite communication controlled by a few nations) would increase costs by a factor of
10 – 20 and endanger independency.

GYRON is most of all a robust and versatile carrier that shall be very affordable in acquisition, operations, and maintenance and enable for “off-grid operations” where little (communication) infrastructure is available.

your data security and GDPR compliance is priority and according to Swiss and European Union regulations. for any
legal matters or if you want to report an error or delete your data, please write us via the contact form.

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