outstanding mission flexibility

thanks to certified and non-certified payloads up to 100 kg
for infrastructure monitoring, geo-sensing, transport etc.

high availability

reliable and service-friendly construction
most maintenance can be done in-field by a car mechanic

smooth-running 6-cylinder engine

direct drive, 180 HP, MOGAS 95/98, ULPower UL520i
affordable maintenance, e.g. with standard oil/spark plugs

excellent accessibility to all systems

simple maintenance with standard tools and
affordable spare parts, e.g. standard oil and spark plugs

28 – 48 V / 80 – 160A AUX system for future upgrades

spacious dashboard, overhead panel, and avionic box
for additional instruments for professional tasks

safer take-off with the push-of-a-button-prerotation system

electrical prerotation eliminating emissions and mechanical failures,
making instruction easier, operations safer, and maintenance cheaper

up to 7 hours endurance / 1’200 km range

with AUX tank options up to 210 litres,
optimize the tank size according to your tasks

frugal logistic and modest legal requirements

no need for certified logistic supply chain or certified mechanics,
no runway necessary, no helicopter licence required

suitable for rotational staff

robust construction made of premium and durable materials,
for demanding usage and missions in all climatic conditions

night operations

NVG-options and wide-beam landing lights
with 30‘000 lm for best seeing and being seen

select according to your mission certified
or non-certified payloads up to 100 kg
for infrastructure monitoring, geo-sensing,
VIP transport or logistical urgencies

reliable and service-friendly construction,
most maintenance can be done in-field by
a qualified car mechanic (no EASA/FAA
certification necessary)

no need for certified logistic supply chain,
nor certified mechanics, nor AVGAS,
no helicopter licence required,
no runway necessary

robust, modular construction
made of premium and durable materials,
for demanding usage and missions
in most climatic conditions

growth potential for future tasks
with 28V / 80 – 160A AUX system, spacious
dashboard and overhead panel and avionic
box for additional, professional instruments

fuel-saving operations with MOGAS 95 or 98
and affordable maintenance with standard
tools and spare parts keep costs down

side-by-side seating for easy communication
and simple to use systems, e.g. the push of a
button pre-rotation mechanism, enhance
safety and cut costs and instruction time

engine runs on MOGAS 95 or 98,
tank options from 80 – 210 litres,
with up to 7 hours of endurance,
equivalent to 1’200 km range

180 HP UL520i with high-power reserve,
smooth-running direct drive,
uses standard oil and spark plugs,
service in-field and save time and money

customized maintenance, repair, and
overhaul agreements for fleet operators,
durable and simple-to-maintain systems
can include servicing by local resources

integration of sensors for geo-sensing,
infrastructure monitoring, environmental
protection or disaster mitigation etc.

land and take-off nearly anywhere
thanks to the tough landing gear
with low-pressure tundra tires

monitoring and transport

monitoring of sensitive infrastructure
and wide areas, transport of critical
goods, VIPs, or emergency personnel.

environmental protection

early detection of environmental hazards
and risks and better coordination of first responders thanks to aerial view.

disaster relief and mitigation

GYRON is affordable, reliable and
independent. no communication
infrastructure or runway are necessary.

general specs

certificationultralight aircraft, 2 PAX
engineinjection UL520i, 180HP
L x W x H [mm]4750 x 2000 x 3100
rotor diameter [mm]8700
take-off distance [m]25 - 100
payload [kg]100
cruise speed [kts]70 - 90
cruise speed [km/h]140 - 160
min/max speed [kts]20 / 100
min/max speed [km/h]35/180
fuel capacity [litres]80 - 210
endurance [hours]5 - 7
UL520i engine
made for off-runway operation
made for harsh climates
MTOW600 kg600 kg6XX kg6XX kg
dual controlsoptionoptionoptionoption
sliding doorsoption
aluminium tank
tank, fuel in litres80 - 16080 - 160120 - 210120 - 210
mil spec avionics, + 28 V systemoptionoptionoption
customized payload integrationoptionoption
operationsVFRVFR+ night VFR+ night VFR

legal note: specifications
subject to change without notice