basic training, flying

flying GYRON is simple. due to the much-simplified taking-off and landing characteristics of GYRON, side- by-side configuration for efficient instruction and outstanding visibility, learning to fly GYRON may be even quicker than with other gyrocopters of the leisure market segment.

according to the applicable national laws, some 25 to 30 hours of training are usually required for training a pedestrian to a licenced gyrocopter pilot. theoretical and flying training usually costs around € 6’000.–. conversions from a PPL etc. could short cut. hence, time- and money-savings with GYRON are roughly 90 % comparing with a training to become a private helicopter pilot!

GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland can recommend flight academies or can arrange trainings for B2B or GOV pilots in other countries.

type rating, flying

for any aircraft a type rating is necessary. GYRON.AERO provides such trainings that usually can be done within one day.

training for tactics and advanced operational flying

for B2B and GOV only: GYRON.AERO empowers for air services. everywhere. together with our partners, GYRON.AERO can provide trainings for tactics and advanced operational flying. depending on the client’s need, customer-tailored trainings can be arranged, e.g. instruction courses for special payloads,
surveillance, bushfire spotting, anti-poaching, convoy escort etc.

training for mechanics

GYRON.AERO AG Switzerland with its partners offers custom-made trainings for (future) owners or service
personal that shall perform maintenance independently beyond everydays requirements. these courses
normally address B2B or GOV parties that operate a fleet of GYRONs.